Æ (alta_voce) wrote,

Дэниел Таммет - Кто-нибудь слышал о таком персонаже? Читал?

Гений-аутист, способный объяснить, что происходит в его голове.

"In his mind, Tammet says, each positive integer up to 10,000 has its own unique shape, colour, texture and feel. He has described his visual image of 289 as particularly ugly, 333 as particularly attractive, and pi, though not an integer, as beautiful. The number 6 apparently has no distinct image yet what he describes as an almost small nothingness, opposite to the number 9 which he calls large, towering, and quite intimidating. He also describes the number 117 as "a handsome number. It's tall, it's a lanky number, a little bit wobbly"."
(From wiki)

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