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К сожалению, я не сижу тут и не праздную. Я вступила в новую адскую войну с островом.

Под катом - образцы переписки. Мне кажется, это смешно и поучительно.

Раунд 1. Мейл сэру П. с расследованием инцидента:

Hello P.,

As N. has gleaned, ГГГ kits represent a new type of kits never seen before in ИИИИ. As a result, there is no specific treatment for them in the software.

• As the first incidents are already here, I think we still need a study, even post factum, because it seems that these new kits are not considered by the system as kits.
• So new issues with the erroneous data (not necessarily with the procurement variable) seem probable.

To start this study, we need
1) Your authorization
2) The description of the ГГГ kits features and behavior to define simultaneously the software amendments. Ideally, this description would be of a form: “The “ГГГ-“ kits behavior resemble … kits behavior with the following exceptions: a)… b)… “

• The full study and the corresponding software’s update seem complex and as such cannot be done immediately.
• We can plan it on August/September, if you wish.

Immediate Next Steps

As a “limited” solution, to fix the erroneous procurement variables, I can propose the addition of the following fragment to the end of the procedure

If the first 3 characters of the ФАКИНГ part number = ‘ГГГ’
And the part’s type = ‘Z’
Move ‘E’ to the procurement variable ШШШШШ

• If we do this update and ask the engineers to raise in issue their ГГГ kits (in order to send them through the interface again), it should fix the procurement problem.

• However the full correct procedure including the full tests, the RFC etc. would take some time as well and the support team is on holiday very soon taking advantage of ДДД’s annual holidays.

• Please can you authorize us exceptionally to update the software without doing any tests? That’s not risky, because the amendments would be very local.

Staying at your disposal.

PS I use this opportunity to ask again the access to Easytrieve procedure done by CSC and to the saved old LOADs. The LOAD of FSAP204 program on I3 looks a bit strange, even if I don’t think that in this particular case the problem is an Easytrieve history consequence.

Ответ сэра П.


I am surprised that you are suggesting a study about how kits are treated in ЙЙЙЙ and SAP. I am sure that you must have covered that during the Knowledge Transfer as it is a key piece of processing. Could you send me the part of your documentation which deals with this area, so that I can check it for completeness and accuracy?

In any case, this is now an urgent problem which is preventing the ordering of materials, and your option of a study in August / September is not acceptable. Please re-assign the incident to

Опустим несколько этапов бурления говен на разных этапах менеджмента.

Последний, на данный этап, челлендж состоит в том, что программа SEND TO SAP ALL THIS SHIT уже в модификации в Англии тютелька в тютельку по предложенному мной сценарию. А я не решила задачу, да.

Шарашка деленда эст!

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